• Allows consistent smoke flow with minimal draw resistance.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • Prevent the risk of your device clogging.
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Product Description

Pipe Screens

Pipe screens are a great addition to any smoking experience. They play a key role in ensuring the quality of smoke produced. In the hands of savvy smokers, they can guarantee a better quality of smoke with fewer harsh ingredients.

Pipe screens are manufactured to an exacting standard and can fit most standard pipes. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Each offers its own advantages, allowing smokers to customize their experience as per their preference.

To get the best smoking experience, it’s important that you use pipe screens on your smoking device. They help catch ash, and stray bits of tobacco and keep the bowl clean of build-up. This helps for better smoke and taste. They also help to keep your smoking piece clean and prevent the bits from damaging it.

Convenient for storage: the package includes a plastic clear storage box to keep your pipe screens from dust and avoid losing them, convenient for you to carry them anywhere you want.

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