• Limited edition.
  • 6 inches tall.
  • Childproof safety lock mechanism.
  • Adjustable temperature controls.
  • Self-ignition mechanism.
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Product Description

6″ Newport Bee Butene Torch

If you are a concentrate smoker then this Newport Honey Bee Torch will appeal to you! This limited edition torch is 6 inches tall and produces a very strong flame perfect for lighting cigars, bowls, and even concentrate nails.

Whether you’re lighting a small candle or starting a bonfire, this torch has the heat you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. And with its easy-to-use design, you’ll be able to light your fire with just the push of a button.

It also includes a childproof safety lock mechanism, a self-ignition mechanism as well as adjustable temperature controls. The large butane tank is great for users who don’t want to constantly refill their torches.

Overall, the Newport Bee Butane Torch is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and high-quality torch lighter. With its powerful flame, durable construction, and easy-to-use design, it’s sure to become an essential tool in your home or camping kit.

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